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Our New Booking System

by Elyse / Monday, 25th October 2021 / Published in Announcements
Our New Booking System

We have a new booking system which means that you can now book easily online - though Mary and the reception team are also at the end of the phone should you need and not all availability is on the website. Alice will guide you through the process with a quick how-to video. Please click this link.

Our discounted weekends will start again at the end of November and through January (weekend packages also available all year). Discounted midweek stays from start November as well. Yes, we have put our prices up. We have tried to keep increases to a minimum but, with spiralling supply and labour costs, we have had to re-adjust after the VAT increase from 5 to 12.5% on 1st October. We have a long winter to survive and we need to ensure that we can retain and look after all our staff - as we have done since the start of this pandemic.