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Our Story

Our story at the Empire began when Edith and Harold Maddocks came to Llandudno from Birmingham in 1946. The MADDOCKS family have been here ever since and it is now in its third generation and hoping to pass onto a fourth. It began life in 1854 as the towns first block of shops and hence the name of the Watkin's Restaurant as that was the location of the Italian wine merchant. When Edith and Harold arrived in 1946 there were just 20 rooms and 2 bathrooms and it has grown over the decades and now incorporates 53 rooms in the main building, 8 in 72 and 7 in Osborne House.
The second generation at the helm of Len and Elizabeth Maddocks (1963) really expanded the hotel adding bathrooms to all rooms, an indoor pool in 1980 (the first in North Wales) extending the restaurant and bar and adding wherever possible. It was a programme of continual investment which carries on today.
Len and Elizabeth Maddocks can still be seen around the hotel today, though not quite so much, and the hotel is run by the third generation of Elyse (nee Maddocks) and Michael Waddy (1993). Elyse and Michael's focus is on service and food - Michael is a chef and hails from Texas, USA so he runs the kitchens and Elyse runs the restaurants. They also continue the tradition of re-investment and are hopeful to pass onto the fourth generation with daughter Jessica showing a keen interest.

The family would be nothing without the support of their wonderful and longstanding staff, many of whom have been at the Empire for well over 30 years. We like to employ " lifers " not staff. They share our commitment to service but with our sense of humour and individuality.

Our Staff

" A hotel with heart " TripAdvisor July 2015

"We like this hotel and gained the strong impression that the staff and proprietors like it too and do their best to ensure that their guests have as good an experience as possible. This ethos raises it above many others. " TripAdvisor April 2015

We really could not have said it better ourselves ......

Old lifers

Maria Still Room 42 years
John Paul Restaurant 41 years
Nelson Restaurant 39 years
Adrian Night Porter 39 years
Alvin Bar 34 years
Dave Restaurant 33 years
June Housekeeping 33 years
Mary Reception 32 years
Susie Housekeeping 26 years
Irene Reception 22 years

Not to forget our new "lifers " hopefully

Alice, Theresa, Mike P, Raghu, Alison, Peter, Andrew, Jerome, Oggy and Darren.